Saturday, August 16, 2008

July Pictures

In July I was able to go with some of the youth from my church, I work with the girls 12 - 18, to Ana Ruby falls on a hike. It was part of their youth conference and the part I most wanted to attend. So we hiked 5 or so miles to the falls and I enjoyed it all.
Here is Rene and Paige at the first break we had.

Here are some of the boys Steven Embry, Brett Galbreath, Dean Mahedy, and Ally Chambers.
Joey K is hiding

Tara Polston, Ally Chambers, and Rene K taking a break. Aren't the girls beautiful when they glisten.

Madison Buckner, she made friends with a group of guys and was one of the lead group. Toward the end, they just ran to the falls.

Tara Polston is particularly pretty in this picture and to think she woke up and took a shower and did her hair to go on this hike..

Ally Chambers, too cute.

This is my totally cute and adorable niece Erin Drummond. Greg and Cindy sure do know how to make them.

My part time son Daniel Embry when the girls and him decided to have a hat day.

Celia and her good friend Destiny wearing their hats on hat day. It is always too fun to have her over. Sometimes they play well and sometimes not, but it is fun when they do.

Damon, Victor, and Skyler Armenta on July 4th in Augusta. They had free rides for the kids and we had fun despite the oppressing heat.

John and Celia on one of the rides.

Dallys and Damon on another ride.

Monday, August 11, 2008

June/July 2008

I am a little behind in picking my pictures up and dropping them off and this is a picture from Kyla's 2nd birthday party. Celia is wearing Adam's robin costume and looking good.

I really wish I could remember why she was doing this, but it sure is cute.

This is grandpa Autry, he loved playing with Celia almost as much as she loved playing with him. We went over there for dinner and fun at the end of June. Jean cooked us a nice meal and James entertained us.

Celia was so funny at her grandparents house. She loved playing in the sand they had in the back yard, but she hated to feel the sand on her feet. So John decided to make her get in the sand..she didn't.

Friends of the family. John met the Armenta family through his military experience. The dad, Victor, went through combat medic training with John and now they are still in training together. The wife, Dallys, has been lucky enough to follow her husband with her two kids. These are their boys Damon and Skyler. We went over for dinner one Sunday.

Here is Damon on the 4th of July sliding down one of the blow up slides at a festival in Augusta. We were lucky enough to stay with the Armenta family 4th of July weekend in Augusta.

Celia decided after waiting in line and climbing to the top, that she did not want to slide down the side...whatever.

Celia and Damon holding hands.

Celia and Grandpa Autry....

John, Jean, Celia, and James Autry. It is always so nice to be able to get together.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kyla's 2nd birthday party

Kyla is so funny, she is little, but she is no pushover and she has a good strong personality. It will be interesting to see what kind of an older sister she will be.

Kyla blowing out her candles, it took so much air. Nah, Tabby is the cute one looking over her in pink.
Klya even got to help make her cake.

Rebecka Duggan on their trampoline, she is too funny.

Rebecka was loving having her picture taken that day. This is Rebecka and Kyla's room.

Celia looked so cute in the Duggan's cinderella dress up clothes. She loves to play dress up whenever she goes to their house.

Kyla loved her cake so much she had to save some of the frosting for later.

Isaac and Adam are great friends. They love playing superheros together and can often be found in some sort of costume that goes along with their superhero play.
Issy absolutely loved the cake as you can tell.
Isabelle like the cake so much she decided mom should have some as well, too bad she missed the mouth and got the nose.

Everybody loves cake. After the cake was over, Amy wondered how she got to be so lucky and have the cake girls sit on her lap. They all got cleaned up though and it was just a fun night. It is always good to spend time with family.