Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quilt and Celia

The above pictures are of the quilt that I was involved in helping make. According to my friend, I did 75% of it. Anyways, it was a ward service project to make the quilt and donate it to charity. It will go to a needy family. It was very frustrating for me and it was a lot of work. According to my sister Rachel the quilter, it was a 6 month project that I did in a little over 2 months or so...I am so glad it is done though.
To the side - this is Celia she has been really into drawing lately. Mostly on paper, but one day she drew on her legs. I washed most of it off, but she really did not want me to take the picture of Tigger off. It was gone by bath time, but at least I have a picture of it. Kids are so fun and silly.