Thursday, October 23, 2008


I will soon be posting new pictures... i would have already if I could get my husbands digital camera and the computer to peacefully coexist. Until I can figure that out or pick up some film from Sam's there are no new pictures. I just felt like posting a note to say that training for the half- marathon this time (3rd time) is a lot more challenging. I recently have been going to physical therapy to correct a lifelong pigeon toed leg problem (my feet turn in from my hips on). It has been a painful process to try to correct this problem. Now I no longer have pain in my hips when I run, but my legs hurt. Yes I know that is the way it is supposed to be, but it never was for me. I am also having to change the way I run, make it quieter and make sure my arms are at my sides and don't cross my body. I have to do all kinds of stretches and stuff. Fortunately, the physical therapist told me that I should be able to get greater definition in my legs because I am now using those muscles. We shall see how that goes. All I know is that I ran 8 1/2 minute miles on my 9 mile run on Saturday (a very hill run I might add) and it felt great. Ok, I was sore, but it was awesome to realize I could do that. I really feel like it is such a good experience to do long distance runs. My body does not tell me when to quit, of course if I broke something or it was excrutiating I would have to stop. But a little soreness and aches they aren't going to hold me down.
I have had a lot of help as usual in this training process. My friends and parents have watched Celia so that I can go on the long distance runs and occasionally the short ones as well. My normal routine usually has me running with the stroller in front and the dog attached running by my side. I should have someone take a picture of us like that so y'all can see my normal routine. I feel like an iron woman sometimes - course that's after I finish.
I must say that I was very hesitant to do this half-marathon. I just wanted to be pregnant. Well I decided that I can not change what happens in that area. Only Heavenly Father can help that and He has said that my kid(s) are busy right now doing their stuff. So I have to let go, a constant theme in my life. It really helps to have a goal of something else that you can focus on and running really does make me happy when I am done. It feels so good to get out there and use that wonderful body that Heavenly Father gave you.
I also wanted to add that I love my beautiful little girl and she really does bring peace to my life having her beautiful, energetic, love around. I have a blessed life.


Opp Family said...

Good for you Jenny! It stinks when life doesn't happen exactly how we planned doesn't it? I love that you are doing the half marathon - that is such a huge accomplishment. If I could break down my mental block, I would love to start running again.

The Autry's said...

Running sounds great! Alas it is something I can't do much of any more. I have discovered recently a knee problem that I get to have for the rest of my life (Yea!) that causes my knees to swell physical activity has been limited. It makes exercising hard. Yoga and Pilates for me! Jac

WolfleyFamily said...

I always think I should try to do a marathon of any type - I've never done anything like that before. What do you do to train??