Friday, August 21, 2009

Yeah I know the mass post again part 1...

John graduated from all of his training with the army in the beginning of June ....Yeah that means he gets to come home and be a reservist right? This is John and Celia with his good friend Jose. We miss Jose :(

Celia and her ice cream nose.
I really wanted to take pictures of them both that day. Celia was so cranky and John helped loosen her up, I am really glad he did cuz I love these pictures now.

Isn't this so cute....their little smoochies....
Celia, John, and another good friend Chelsea Jenson at graduation. It is always good to graduate, but hard to say good bye to friends.
Strawberry picking with friends at the end of May. Joanie and her little Serenity. Joanie is my best friend who until next week lives about a mile away. I will be so sad to see her go, maybe it is better that I am sick right now and can't think about it.

Joanie's little girl Destiny and my Celia. They are really good friends as well. Strawberry picking is always fun when you get to eat the spoils.

I am not really a person who usually likes pictures of myself, but I actually really like this picture. I just had my hair cut and colored and it looks pretty good.

Close up of the strawberries and the flowers. The coolest thing about strawberry picking is you get to see the different stages of growth a strawberrry goes through.

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Brother Autry said...

"LDS Autry Cousins" unite.
I'd appreciate it if John would contact me. I'm LDS and U.S. Air Force Retired. I'm a Branch Mission Leader and serve on the Stake Preparedness Committee.