Friday, March 5, 2010

Hello Again :)

Ok, I know it has been quite a few months since I blogged. I thought about doing a mass update and going back, but that would make it a lot harder to catch up. So lets just say pregnancy, John breaking his Fibula on Thanksgiving, the Holidays, and life has happened and I will just update with a few recent pictures and move forward.

So this is what comes from old photos....Celia has a photo like this when she was younger. She thought that looks great and begged me to do it again until I did....So here she is getting her hair curled before school.

So one day the little boy I watch during the day, Daniel Embry, didn't come over because of sickness in the family. I thought great, I can do that baby quilt for my friend that I have been meaning to do. Two baby quilts and these two doll quilts later, I wondered why I had even started looking at fabric in the first place. It was fun, but I am glad to be done with those projects.

Yes it Snows in Georgia - once, maybe twice a year. This was taken on our first snow of this year. She was so happy to play in the snow.

Celia and her good friend Daniel Embry. They loved playing in the snow and throwing snowballs at each other.

We had to run an errand and so we didn't get a chance to make a snow man at our we did the next best thing and made one at the grandparents house. Here's our snowman on my parent's porch.

All of the above pictures were taken at Bear Hollow in Athens during Winter Break. The kids (Daniel and Celia) were so cute and fun. Celia made friends, like always, we played at the park, looked at animals and just had a nice day out.
Ever wonder what a 5 foot nothing girl looks like pregnant. Wonder no more. I have not gained too much (17 lbs) weight this pregnancy and my waist is smaller (currently 41 inches, with Celia it got to be about 44 or so inches) this time around. Yet this picture really shows what 8 months of baby growth can do for you or to you. Either way I am happy to be pregnant and excited to meet my baby girl. It hasn't been an easy pregnancy, but she will be worth the small inconviences of food not tasting good and having a nose that constantly runs.

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Devin and April said...

Awww Celia is such a cutie, and she is growing up so fast! :)