Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fun Pictures

Ok, so I take a lot of pictures (at least when I have a working camera) So this is my little sweetheart after getting herself dressed. Everything ended up backwards, I thought it was so cute so I took a picture before she fixed it.

Most of these pictures are at family events - birthday parties for the kids - It is a great chance to get together with the family. Even though a lot of us live in the same state, we are still far enough away that regular visits are hard. So thank goodness for the holidays that get us together. Course we are both from 7 and that means plenty of birthdays.

This is Sydney Stover isn't she cute, she's a niece from John's side

Cute Emily Humphrey - also a niece from John's side

I love this picture of Celia. It almost captures the sassyface little girl she is, part cute, part wild child.

John at Jacobs 2nd birthday party protecting Celia

Count how many wet balls are going at John at once, he had so much fun playing with the kids.

Christina Humphrey - niece on John's side - Still don't know if I love her hair, but I am boring plain Jane kind of girl.

Micah, grilling up some burgers

Aiden with his mega stash of balls.

The cute little girl above is Isabelle Riddling. My niece who is 1 and well is just cute.

Celia having a rare moment and taking a nap on the couch. It almost never happens, a nap that is. Daniel (the "little Man" I've been watching for two years) asleep on the couch.

I swear this is an absolute miracle, them both asleep at the same time. Daniel Embry has reached the stage where you have to trick him into sleeping and Celia almost never takes naps. I just need a moment....

Kyla Duggan with a lollipop in her mouth. I kept asking her to smile and this is the best she could give me. Pretty cute though, huh

Celia is the cutest little spitfire ever. Ok so maybe I am a little biased, but she's my only kid it's allowed.


Campbell's said...

Hello there jenny,

I love all the pics.Silly is such a wonderful beautiful high spirited little girl.Keep up the good work.Your such a wonerdful friend.:)i love you....

Campbell's said...

I meant to say celia.... instead of silly ..crazy me!