Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crazy busy Month

Ok so this is a mass posting, just be grateful I took the 3 rolls of film and condensed them to one. I have had a crazy busy month and it is not quite over yet. I have been working on a service project quilt for the ward and it should have been started months ago. Unfortunately, this quilt followed the anything that can go wrong will go wrong motto and has been quite the trouble. I try not to feel too bad because my quilt expert sister, Rachel, assured me this was a 6 month project that I have done in about 6 weeks or less (I have had some help from a few of the ladies in my ward, as it was a ward project). At any rate between that and taking care of the kids and house and everything else I am spent. Can I get a vacation from not really because vacations are a lot of work in and of themselves. Life is crazy and I am ever so grateful that I have my husband home every weekend, but just wish I was a little more caught up on the housework from the quilt project. That is the goal this week, right after I finish the quilt.

Ashley's Wedding

Ashley Galbreath became Ashley Guptil at the end of August and she is the first of 4 young women in our ward that will be getting married in the next few months. It makes me feel really old to be a young womens leader to someone who is now married, but that is the way it goes.
Ashley married Doug at the Charleston, South Carolina temple. It was beautiful and I loved being able to attend the wedding.

Ashley's dress is so pretty and it was cool because the bottom is part is removable so it becomes a party dress.

Celia was able to come and have some fun outside the temple with Ashley's sisters Macey and Katie. Luckily, there were plenty of my young women age girls out there to help watch.

Here are some of my girls Meghan Galbreath, Madison Buckner, Ashley Guptil now, and Kayla Mahedy who will also soon be married.

Ashley and her mom C'less. Both awesome women.

Michaela Buckner, Ashley, and Madison Buckner. Michaela is one of my current Beehives, but I have been in all of their leaders at one time or another. Aren't they beautiful.

The Buckner clan - Most of these crazy fun people are in my ward and I love them all.

Pictures at Home

Here is my crazy part time son Daniel Embry - he has recently decided that he is definately two and needs to act the part. He gets into everything. Pens, pencils, walls, furniture nothing is safe. The other day I tried to put him down for a nap, which I think he no longer will take, he took off his diaper and poop was everywhere when I came in. He definately is keeping me on my toes. Don't let this cute face fool you.

I must admit that he is also so funny and will throw himself on the ground to get you to laugh. He dances, sings, and even plays mock guitar. Celia and him act like siblings and love and hate each other depending on the moment.

Celia playing peek -a -boo under the toddler bed. I was just amazed she could fit under the bed.

Celia loves to wear pajamas and most days it is hard to get her out of them. If she had the choice she would wear pajamas everyday. She also loves her blanket and has started calling it a her and will not sleep without it. I love the fact that she is totally getting into imaginative play and will act out things with her dolls. She is with my old snow leopard stuffed animal from when I was younger.....ok well it is what I have slept with most of my life.

Ward Activity at the Jones'

The ward activity was fun. I was able to hit a volleyball, eat an apple off a tree, go swimming in cold water, and have very good food that I spilled all over the place in yet another one of my clutzy moments. They also had softball games going and games for the kids....I also ran into some poison ivy and am definately allergic. It takes forever for that stuff to go away....

This is my good friend Tiffany Harper. She is 6 months pregnant with her little girl, Lilly. I am so excited to meet this little girl and hope that she has brown hair - that is what Ryan, the dad, has requested. Either way she will be so cute.

This is one of my beehives Michaela Buckner playing with Celia in the pool. The water was so cold I don't know how they even could stay in the water.

Another one of my beehives Sarah Embry being thrown into the water by her brother Steven. Families are so fun that way.....

Celia eating one of the apples from the Jones' apple trees. It was awesome. Nothing better than picking an apple right of the tree and eating it. Course I love apples.

Celia and some friends went and checked out some cows and were on the fence while viewing them.

This is Alfredo Taylor he is 4, just a little older than Celia.

This is Theresa Taylor, I believe, I am sorry but there are 7 Taylor kids and I don't know them all by heart yet.
This is Gabriella Taylor,....again I am not 100% positive on this, but pretty sure. I think she is beautiful though.

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WolfleyFamily said...

I cannot believe you have young women getting married! I felt old because one of mine just went on a mission!! I can't believe how big Celia is getting!