Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September Family Fun....

Does anyone know how to rotate pictures that are put on through cd.....if so let me know cuz this is driving me nuts?

Celia loves the computer. She plays games at Mickey mouse clubhouse and also has some educational games she plays that she loves. This is at grandma and grandpa's house, aren't the glasses - not hers- cute.

Celia being her usual daredevil self and climbing around at the park.

Celia and Daniel swinging at the park. Daniel loves the swings.

Isaac Riddling, he loves the sunnyd drinks.

Grandma making Izzy laugh while Ben holds her.

Amy wearing her hellofacatch shirt holding Izzy. They just got back from swimming.

Rachel and Kevin Crawford, I hardly have any pictures of them and so this was a nice moment to get one.

Erin Drummond looking so cute as usual.

Erin and mommy playing at the park...

I love how much Greg is smiling in this picture. Greg and mom were swinging side by side. Mom jumped off and somehow landed on her back. Greg didn't want to jump from the heighth he was getting to and so he slowed it down to a better one and jumped.


Opp Family said...

To rotate pictures you have to download them to your computer first, or when they are loaded on the cd initially they should be rotated. If you download from a cd, a cd can't be altered it is static so however it is on the cd is how it will show up in blogger. So download any images you want first on your computer then rotate then paste on your blog. Cute pictures!

JAutry's said...

thank you!

WolfleyFamily said...

I cannot believe how BIG Celia is getting!!!