Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fort Gordon

Army Strong

Celia is ready to ride.......

It is crazy to think that my daughter is that small and that this tank is that big.

Celia absolutely loves planes and helicopters. She knows that planes have wings and helicopters have rotors. She can spot them when they are a speck in the sky and is just fascinated by them.

Memorial to the POWS and MIA soldiers. Always good to remember those who have sacrificed so much to help keep freedom alive.

I loved visiting John and getting the awesome opportunity to play the best sport ever invented. Volleyball...oh, I didn't realize I was in the picture, but anyways loved it and had fun.

This is a pretty old picture as you can tell from the Halloween candy in the room. I just thought some people might be interested in where John stays. That is his half and there is a bathroom and a sink, microwave, small cabinet space, and a fridge all in one little room.

A daddy-daughter moment. John is a loving father and just loves his little girl.

The weekends John is not able to come home, he is usually on Flag detail. Which means he wakes up and helps put this flag up and then takes it down every night. Since we live 2 hours away it doesn't make sense to try to come home in between.
It is not easy to live seperate like this and we are not sure what the future holds. All I know is that I love my husband and I am willing to do what it takes to make it last for eternity. I am a lucky woman.

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Jenn-Lee said...

You are so sweet. I am so thankful for his service for us. We will keep you guys in our prayers!