Sunday, February 22, 2009

Celia's second set of tubes and third surgery

My little sweetheart and me waiting for surgery to begin. Since this is my third time with it all and I knew it would be a very short surgery it wasn't too bad. John was unable to be there because of course he is still in training with the army. Luckily my dad was working close by there and was able to be there.

Celia absolutely loves her grandpa. She misses him sometimes and wants to call him or see him. She was so happy he was there.

After surgery is a lot less happy, but she did pretty good and was just hungry because it was lunch time and she didn't even have breakfast. So after she got some liquids in and got ready to go we went to lunch and I even let her stay in her pajamas and pick out where she wanted to go. She wanted to go to Sweet Tomatoes because she likes the ice cream. She goes with her grandparents sometimes when we meet them at the temple after they work so we can go and they take Celia with them.
Not too long after getting home she is fine and just playing away drawing with some chalk. No long recovery here. Plus I finally don't have to have the volume so high on everything that I feel deaf. Course now my allergies are acting up and I have fluid in my ears and want to turn up the volume. At any rate, I am glad we did it and that she can hear again. I can hardly imagine what her PreK teachers would have said come July 30th. Yep that is one of the other things we did this month. Register her for PreK for next year.
It has been a busy month. Our car died, then we borrowed 2 different cars from a friend (funny story). Then finally our car is alive and well and my husband is the hero of the moment. It has been an adventure and I am just glad that we are getting through it all.


The Smith's said...

Glad to here that Celia's surgery went good, looks like she had a quick recovery. Nikki

Angie said...

No fun! Glad she bounced back fine. Hope you are all well. Say hi to John for us!

April said...

Bless her heart. What a trooper! glad she recovered fast!