Friday, March 6, 2009

Callaway Gardens - Valentines and another quilt

Isn't this so cool. I loved seeing the stages of bananas growing. We went to Callaway Gardens with my parents on Valentines Day. It was free to get in for the Month of February. There is not a lot growing, but it is still pretty and fun.

Isn't John so cute. Here he is by the vegetable garden.

Celia and I by the vegetable garden. We really did have a great day. My parents are so fun. Funny story, we saw this cool rock formation by a stream. It looked pretty slick as it was a rainy day, but fun. Mom decided to climb on it and check it out. She slipped and dad helped her and I screamed. John laughed at me and said, she was fine. Still funny that the love for adventure is ever present.

Mom and dad in the butterfly garden. It was so pretty in there and even though there were not a ton of butterflies, there were enough to interest us. Especially the names. A few were called common mormon butterflies. The prettiest were of course the blue morpho butterflies.

Some of the indoor gardens. We just loved the way this looked.

Celia and her Daddy. They have so much fun together and I love these opportunities of having fun and doing stuff as a family. We really should go back with bikes during the spring or summer it would be a blast to ride around and enjoy all the beautiful nature.

My sister Rachel is awesome....she made this quilt for our friend Joanie Campbell. She is having her 3rd little one and said this is her first baby quilt. I helped only a small bit, but it is still awesome.


WolfleyFamily said...

Looks like you guys had a really nice day! I like all those pink flowers :)

April said...

What a wonderful family event that must have been. Would love taking our kiddo's there sometime. I thought it looked beautiful then, it must be Gorgeous in the springtime. Well if you are wondering how I found your blog... it was from Jennifer Taylor's blog. Thanks for sharing!

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