Friday, March 6, 2009

Snow Day

About a week ago, I took these pictures on the digital camera or our flowers. I also took some with my camera, we will see how those turn out. They were just so beautiful and I wanted them to last a little longer.
Imagine our surprise when just a few days later we leave church to kids talking about snow and have a little snow storm. Our area was hit pretty good, my parents didn't get as much snow. We certainly enjoyed it while it lasted. When I was I kid I lived in California and where we lived it never snowed, it might have left a light layer, but never even an inch, nothing you could play in. So Georgia was the first place I experienced the snow. I love the way it snows here. Just every once in a while so you can play in it and love it, but not enough to ever get sick of.

Celia kept eating the carrot nose. She really loved carrots that day.

Dad and Celia. I believe this is the first time they've been able to really play in the snow together. Last year he was in Texas when snowed and before that she was too long to play in it when it snowed (less than 1).
Celia took this picture of John when he was getting ready to go back to base.
I took this because the trees looked so beautiful and I love how big the snowflakes were as they fell.

Celia took this one, I took one with my camera. This is John leaving in the snowstorm. Others might feel like this is a little silly, but it had rained for two days before the snow hit and their was ice on the ground everywhere. The snow isn't what worried me, it was the ice. Plus tree limbs were falling everywhere. It took him 2 hours to go 20 minutes and shortly after that he didn't have any issues. Course a little after he left (about 3) we lost power and it didn't come on until about 10. It was fun and we didn't have it too bad since our stove is gas and I have enough candles to light a house, plus a few flashlights. I did realize our heat was run by electricity and I will need to prepare with wood for fires for next year. It got a little cold, but we have enough quilts to keep warm.

This is our girl snowman. She has hair and yes those are some of the branches our tree lost, it couldn't support the snow.

The next day we still had plenty of snow to play with so we made 4 more snowmen, including a girl and a was fun. We also made a snow fort. I am in awe that anyone makes igloos and such. It is quite a bit of work. I certainly hope they have more than just one adult and a 4 year old. We had fun demolishing the small fort.

Celia and the snowman we built to kill. Yep, we kicked it down the hill. It really did get to be a big snowball and we both couldn't push it anymore.

Dogs are so silly. Maze wanted to help us decorate our snowman. Thanks, but no thanks. Next time we'll do the decorating without him. Maze really loved the snow and played in it, peed in it, and ate it (not the stuff he peed in I hope).

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WolfleyFamily said...

Wow - when I heard Georgia got snow I just assumed it was a dusting.... how cool you could enjoy it enough to make snowmen :)