Saturday, January 10, 2009

Celia is 4!

I can't believe Celia is 4. To celebrate we had the family over for a party and a couple really close friends. Which was quite a number of people in our little humble abode. We had fun, though.

Aiden is the one posing in this picture as Celia opens her present and her friend Destiny looks on. Celia loved all her presents and it has amazed me how much she is playing with all of them. She has especially liked to dress up lately. This was a dress up party in case you are wondering why some people are dressed up.

Rebecka decided to help Celia open her presents. Celia really enjoyed doing this...I will have to figure out how to download video and put the clip of that morning on. She did not have a great response to the presents mom and dad gave her.

We tried to take a few group shots of the kids...yep our dog Maze decided to join with the kids....

Aren't these two girls beautiful....Amy and Christina Humphrey. Hard to believe I have a niece in college.

Heath and LaFae Duggan....aren't they cute... bet you never would guess she has a 1 month old baby.

We decorated cookies and they really enjoyed that. Destiny and Celia look so good in their princess dresses.

Kyla Duggan and Daniel Embry. They are only a month different in age....Too cute. I am lucky enough to watch this cute funny little man during the week.

Tabitha is getting so grown up....this year she goes to young womens. She is beautiful.

Emily Humphrey and Charity Campbell met that day, but quickly became friends. Their birthdays are about a month apart and they really enjoyed hanging out together. The cookies were a hit.

My sister Rachel makes beautiful cakes and she really does have fun doing it. The kids got to this beautiful barbie cake and the icing rather quickly. Rachel has made this cake 2 times in a row for Celia. I said we could do something else, but Celia insisted upon a barbie cake...

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