Friday, January 9, 2009


So here is the story.... Kevin thinks Celia's middle name should be changed to Elvira. I kind of see his point ("I want to love them and squeeze them and hug them forever"). January 2nd my husband decided to buy Celia some fish to fill this glass bowl we had. He brought them to her just before bed time and she only got to see them, name them (Frankie and Eleanor) and wish them good night. While John and I slept the next morning Celia decided to play with her fish. I woke up to a drenched thermometer, water on the table and Celia talking about holding her fish. Needless to say that her fish did not even last til the afternoon. Just FYI in case you have never owned any fish, they don't necessarily float to the top when dead....So here are some pict of the whole event. Oh and yes we got her new fish (Charlie and Lola) and they have almost made it a week. She has learned her lesson....
She had no problems taking her fish out and it only took a little talking to her to get her to say goodbye and put them in the toilet. Poor Eleanor and Frankie such a short traumatic life at our house.

Charlie and Lola....hopefully they will have a better life.

It appears our cat Sophie is also a big fan of the fish....the bowl is already dirty because they really require such a little amount of food and we are still trying to get that right.

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Mosby said...

THis is so classic! Love that you got pictures of your dead fish!