Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Georgia Aquarium and Centenniel Park

Here is the crew minus me that went to the aquarium. It was loads of fun. A lot of work, but a lot of fun. We went when they had a sale of $20 per adult if they went with a child. A mother's day out promotion. It was a great day. Celia is on Kevin's head, Daniel is in his lap and Kyla is in Rachel's lap. LaFae let us borrow Kyla for the day to take advantage of the deal.

Kyla was so cute all day and really enjoyed herself and all the attention.
She even loved the aquarium mascot.

After the aquarium we went across the street to the park and it was not too long after that Celia tripped and landed on some stairs to the play equipment. This is the end result of that day's clumsyness. It went away and she no longer has that lump. Fun times fun times.

This slide was the hit of the park and they really enjoyed going down it. It really is quite fun, it feels like a little butt massage as you go down.

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