Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We started our celebrations Christmas Eve by doing our annual building of the gingerbread house, which over the years has gotten better and better and it took less time than other years.
Then we followed with the annual tradition of opening up a present - yep pjs every year. Celia really liked hers.
Christmas morning, this is what Celia woke up to and she really enjoyed herself. She had a much better response than on her birthday which made me very happy. We all had a fun time. John was very happy and excited about his car parts. I will have to do a post sometime about Stinky - John's project car.

This rather ugly looking thing was our dog's, Maze, christmas present. It had a picture of a rot on the tag and it said it was a toughness of 9. This is what it looked like less than an hour after we gave it to our dog. He is a very strong chewer. It didn't even last a day.

Lena, the newest Duggan on Christmas.

Celia looking oh so cute with her flower she picked. I decided to use the opportunity as a photo shoot.

The last few years Jared and Alicia have sent all the nieces and nephews $20 for Christmas. This is what Celia got with her money this year. She loved everything she got and gave the rest to one of those donation bins in the store. She liked to watch the money go in.

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