Monday, January 5, 2009

October's Many Events

Ok, I am having a heck of a time trying to move these pictures around the way I would like, so I will just make do with the way they are.

This is LaFae's shower toward the end of October, only weeks before she delivered. Mom and Fae look awesome and it was a really nice time with the girls.

I love this picture of Amy tasting the goods to really know what kind of candy bar is that poop lookin stuff.
Every year we go up to north georgia and go to Burts Pumpkin patch and Amicolola falls. I probably spelled it wrong, but oh well. At any rate it is a tradition that we love and these are just some cute photos that happened from it. This year our friends the Campbells went with us, but somehow I didn't get pictures of them...better luck next year.

I loved this one (above) so much that we used it as our Christmas letter picture. Thanks Campbells for taking it.

The annual carving of the pumpkin. It came out pretty cute.

Sorry forgot to flip this first. Anyways, Celia in her Pocohontas costume. She threw the biggest fit before and after the picture. She said pocohontas does not wear her hair in braids and does not have a thing on her head. Course Disney's version does not so I let her get rid of it after the pictures were over.
This is Celia and Daniel, they always amaze me with what they think up and how much trouble they can get into.

Celia just finished proving that she knows all her uppercase and lowercase letters by sight. Now she is ready to read some easy books... She has since learned how to read 3 Bob books. She is way if she just knew her numbers by sight.

I love this picture. We went to a farm and rode a hay ride and had fun with the ward play group. Here she is playing with corn and a tractor.

This is the group at my parents house on Halloween night. Don't they look great. I wanted to include a lot more individual shots, but there would have ended up being a ton of pictures, so this one will have to do. We had fun trick or treating as a family, though.

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